About Nemo

Nemo – The World of Entertainment at Dąbrowa Górnicza is a unique place, combining a wide variety of fun and entertainment, both in water and on surface.


Nemo is like a ship that carries its passengers to the world of fun and adventure. Our team strives to make everyone who gets on board forget about mundane things and experience a wonderful cruise to the universe full of spectacular fun and joy. One with space for spontaneity and togetherness with family and friends. 


Passengers may enter the Water World or use on board entertainment options. The Water World includes swimming pools, saunas, salt cave, gym and massage parlour. On-board entertainment options feature the Bowling Club, Cue Club and the Aquarium Music Club. The Galley awaits our Nemo passengers since all good fun has been known to whet the appetite.


Get on board Nemo for a fun cruise!





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The Water World


Immerse yourself in the Water World and enjoy the time as it slowly flows by. Discover the joy of fun with your friends and family, relax and let your daily stress float away.

The Galley


Has fun whetted your appetite? Come to our on-board galley or kitchen! Our cook has already taken care of the most tasty morsels to simply melt away in your monuth.

On-board Entertainment


Ahoy, tireless adventurer and fun-seekers! We are waiting for you on the board where the truly entertaining life is going on.