We accept partner cards

Cooperation with Nemo brings many benefits, including for the clients of our business partners. Check out our promotions and discounts prepared for the lucky card holders:

Benefit Multisport Plus, Multisport Classic, MultiActive and Multisport Kids

For Multisport Plus, Multisport Classic and MultiActive card holders: swimming pool + gym (90 minutes) or a session in the Salt Cave (45 mins) or the Sauna World (30 minutes)

For Multisport card holders (child): only swimming pool service (90 minutes) for children up to 15 years of age.

For Multisport Kids card holders: swimming pool (90 minutes) or the Salt Cave (45 minutes).

Important note

The card entitles to us one arbitrarily selected service during one visit to the site (1 x day). Additional fee time exceeded according to the current price list.

Please show your card and the ID with photo at the cash register.


FitProfit, FitSport

FitProfit and FitSport card holders: swimming pool + gym (90 minutes) or the Salt Cave (45 minutes).



kart FitFlex card holders - swimming pool 60 or 120 minutes.

Important note
The card entitles to us one arbitrarily selected service during one visit to the site (1 x day).

Please show your card and the ID with photo at the cash register.


Ok System

Ok System card holders may use swimming pools or the Salt Cave. The Sauna World is only available to Platinum and Titanium multi carnet holders. 

Important note
The use of the services within the Ok system is done using your fingerprint scan. In case of failure of the OK System terminal please send a text message containing the number of the selected service to: 661 000 556.

Important note: new conditions apply as from 1 September 2015

Service call numbers:

  • 3206 - swimming pool + gym  90 min. (normal fare).

  • 3207 - Salt Cave 45 mins.

  • 3208 - Sauna World 45 mins. (valid for Platinum and Titanium multi carnet holders)

  • 19761 - swimming pool  90 min. reduced fare.


My Benefit

MyBenefit Card Holders:

  • swimming pool 60 minutes (normal and reduced fare)

  • swimming pool 120 minutes (normal and reduced fare),

  • all-day swimming pool (normal and reduced fare).

  • Sauna area 60 minutes  (normal fare)


Benefit Lunch

Lunch of the Day  for all BenefitLunch card holders BenefitLunch voucher holders. Valid weekdays from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Select one dish:

  • Silesian żurek soup / tomato soup / red borscht

  • Grilled chicken filet / breadcrumbed chicken filet / chicken de volaille with salad and French fries, 

  • Chicken / bacon penne

  • pierogis

  • chicken / Greek salad.


All-Poland Senior Card

All-Poland Senior Card holders can get following discounts at Nemo-Świat Rozrywki:

  • 25% discount to the regular fare for swimming pools as per the applicable price list

  • PLN 10 /hr. billiards Monday to Friday

  • PLN 35 /hr. for a bowling lane Sunday to Thursday



Sodexo Card Holders can use the card to pay for sports and recreational services.


Dear Adventure Lovers!

If you get engulfed in the whirl of fun and you exceed the paid time limit for using Nemo attractions or if you care for additional attractions, please pay for the resulting fees at the cash register.


Partner cards accepted:

Wodny świat


Basen sportowy

Basen rekreacyjny

Baseny zewnętrzne


Grota solna

Świat Saun


Domek Alpejski

Grota aromatyczna

Łaźnia parowa

Sauna fińska


Grota z wodospadem

Gabinet masażu

Rozrywki na pokładzie


Kręgielnia "Ośmiornica"

Klub Bilardowy

Klub Muzyczny "Aquarium"

Imprezy okolicznościowe

Dzierżawa obiektów



Menu bar "Łódka"

Menu kręgielnia i klub bilardowy

Bar "Łódka"




Sklep Kibica

Rejestr zbiorów danych

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