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  1. Training device shall mean any device (exercisers, exercise bike, treadmill) and training equipment shall mean all the other objects found in the Gym designed for exercise.

  2. Any person staying at the Gym shall examine and strictly apply the Regulations, verbal instructions by the staff and operating instructions of training devises and equipment. Safety guidelines must be observed compulsorily.

  3. The Gym may be used only by those who have completed 18 years of age. Persons under the age of 18 may use the Gym after a parent/legal guardian has signed a declaration of responsibility (the declaration form is available at the Gym). The signing of the said declaration shall not authorise the guardian to leave the Gym with the child unattended.

  4. The Gym can accommodate maximum 30 people at a time.

  5. Exclusively sports attire, clean change sports footwear and mandatory dry towel shall apply at the Gym.

  6. The Gym may only be used by healthy people and those whose conditions are not deemed contraindications to exercise.

  7. When using the training devices and equipment you must lie down or sit down only on a dry towel. The towel should be spread so that no part of the body is in contact with the training device and equipment surfaces (bench, chair, etc.).

  8. Before starting the exercise at training devices, the user shall, for safety reasons, check the technical condition of the device he/she will be using, and shall report any case of a malfunction to the staff.

  9. Having finished the exercise, the training devices which were used should be left in a proper technical condition.

  10. Users of training devices and equipment do so at their own risk.

  11. Nemo shall not liable for any damage to the clothing at the Gym.

  12. At the Gym you must not:

  • enter it with a swimsuit and footwear on other than sports footwear for change,

  • run with the exception on the equipment designed for this purpose,

  • climb the devices, staff stand and other devices not fit for such purpose,

  • adjust training devices and introduce other regulations that may affect safety,

  • use training devices and equipment for other purposes than intended,

  • bring in bags, backpacks, glass containers, sharp tools and other dangerous objects,

  • bring in animals,

  • bring in persons who are under the influence of alcohol, intoxicated and/or under the influence of drugs and other controlled substances, you must not exercise under the influence of such substances,

  • bring in and consume alcohol, alcoholic beverages, drugs,

  • smoke tobacco,

  • behave in a way commonly regarded as obscene or offensive,

  • destroy equipment.


  1. Anybody with visible signs that may indicate: infectious skin diseases and other infectious diseases, mycosis, HPV, erysipelas or holy fire, erythema, etc., open lesions or cuts, slowly healing wounds, lack of personal hygiene, marks on limbs of frequent intravenous injections, difficulty in breathing, balance disorder, aggressive behavior shall be denied access to the Gym.

  2. Those prone to fits, cramps or loss of consciousness, and mentally handicapped, may enter and stay on the property only with a guardian/supervisor.

  3. Persons who violate the order, the provisions of the Regulations or applicable operating instructions and manuals of the training devices and equipment, who exhibit an aggressive behaviour, offend the dignity of others, will be requested to leave the Gym.

  4. Organised groups must have at least one supervisor or group leader for every fifteen participants, who shall be responsible for their charges at all times while at the Gym.

  5. The group leader shall, at the entrance to the Gym, contact the staff in order to establish terms of use of the Gym.

  6. The group leader shall continuously monitor the state of the group.

  7. The group leader shall be required to stay at the Gym wearing the sports apparel.

  8. People with unstable health condition should use the training devices and equipment with particular caution, preferably after prior consultation with the medical doctor. Nemo shall not be liable for the negative health effects of such persons being at the Gym.

  9. Any cuts, injuries and discomfort shall be reported immediately to the staff.

  10. Providing emergency medical aid shall be carried out at the dispensary in the Pool Area.



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