The Sauna World Rules and Regulations


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  1. Before entering the Sauna World and before using individual rooms please refer to the Regulations and operating instructions.

  2. The Sauna World is a "no-clothes zone" which means that disrobed users may stay in, holding a towel, bathrobe and/or sheet. Persons entering this area shall take off their swimwear and/or trunks and reckon with the possibility that this zone might be used by naked or incompletely dressed people (except for special "textile" days). It is allowed to use pool shoes.

  3. Each user shall, before entering the Sauna World, accurately wash their whole body and feet.

  4. You must take off bath shoes before entering the sauna room (it shall not apply to the aroma grotto and the steam bath).

  5. In dry wooden saunas, you shall lie down or sit down only on a towel and/or a sheet.

  6. The towel and sheet shall be spread so that no part of the body is in contact with the wooden surface.

  7. Towels may be rented for a deposit in the Sauna World.

  8. Lost or destroyed towels owned by Nemo shall be charged for at a fee equal to the deposit collected at their rental.

  9. Saunas and sauna facilities shall only be operated by staff of Nemo. Patrons must not use their own lotions and other substances for steam bath. You must strictly follow the instructions of lifeguards and staff of Nemo.

  10. At Sauna World, you must not:

  • use mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other multimedia devices,

  • enter with clothes and shoes other than the bath shoes on,

  • run and make noise and destroy equipment,

  • touch and manipulate electrical and heating appliances, pour water on stones and perform steam sessions,

  • bring in ice,

  • bring in food and dishes into sauna,

  • bring in and consume your own food and alcoholic beverages,

  • use sauna and swimming pool and Jacuzzi under the influence of alcohol, when intoxicated, under the influence of drugs and other controlled substances,

  • smoke tobacco,

  • use any cosmetics and chemicals when entering the cooling-down bath or Jacuzzi,

  • behave so sat to likely cause embarrassment in others, in particular, sexual intercourse and other acts that could be regarded as inappropriate and indecent behavior.

  1. Eating and drinking is allowed only in a designated place.

  2. Users of the resting room (tepidarium) shall behave in a muted way. Loud conversations, screams and other disruptive ways of behaviour are prohibited.

  3. The sauna may only be used by healthy people and those whose conditions are not a contraindication to the use of sauna treatments. Entering the Sauna World, the patron confirms that his/her health condition allow him/her to use this form of recreation.

  4. Saunas may be used only by adults or minors under the supervision of an adult.

  5. Always strictly follow the instructions marked on information boards about the health-safe use of saunas.

  6. Nemo shall not be held responsible for the health effects of sick people and those with unstable health condition staying at Nemo, who should not have used saunas.

  7. Any cuts, health problems and discomfort symptoms shall be reported immediately to the nearest staff representative of the Sauna World or use the red telltale button which is located in each sauna room.

  8. The lifeguard service is off duty after 10.00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and after 9:00 p.m. on Sundays and public holidays. You must definitely not use the Sauna World.

  9. The Sauna World must be left no later than 15 minutes before the closing of the Site regardless of the time of ticket purchase. All patrons shall be required to leave the building by 10.00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday, by 9.00 p.m. on Sundays and public holidays.

  10. Those who do not abide by these Regulations may be asked to leave the facility without the right to reimbursement for the admission ticket purchased.



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