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Aquarium Club Rules and Regulations

  1. The participants in the events organized by the Aquarium Club (Klub Aquarium or “The Club”) shall read and acknowledge these Rules and Regulations. Purchasing your ticket/admission fee and entering The Club is tantamount to your acceptance thereof.

  2. You shall use exclusively the main entrance to enter The Club which is for a fee. Your admission ticket or receipt shall be the proof of your purchase.

  3. All event participants shall be required to keep their admission ticket or receipt and provide it for inspection to The Club’s staff, door supervisor or security staff of the Club as and when so requested .

  4. In order to provide The Club’s patrons with entertainment which is safe and enjoyable, The Club reserves the right to refuse admission or entry to anyone who, by reason of their appearance, dress (i.e. wearing a hooded sweatshirt, sweatpants, cap, cut-off vest or tank top, camo pants, etc.) and/or behavior, do not meet the standards operated by The Club. This shall also apply to patrons who had pre-booked their Club entry. The door supervisor shall decide who may enter. The Club’s security staff and the door supervisor shall have the right to refuse admission without specifying any reason.

  5. The Club shall disallow any persons under 18 years of age, not having a valid identity card, aggressive, intoxicated or under the influence of any other drugs and substances and dressed inappropriately in relation to the status of the event (i.e. hooded sweatshirts, sweatpants, caps, cut-off vests o tank tops, camo pants, etc.). A security guard shall have  the right to demand an ID from The Club’s patron to establish their identity and age. The Club reserves the right to change the required minimum age limit.

  6. For safety reasons, the security staff of The Club shall have the right to refuse entry to the premises where the number of participants of the event be equal to the maximum permissible capacity limit.

  7. Patrons who are on the premises of The Club shall be required to follow the instructions of the Club’s staff and security designed to ensure safety and order.

  8. It is forbidden to bring in to The Club food, beverages, alcohol, firearms, gas weapons, knives, pyrotechnic and other dangerous items or substances that may pose a risk to the health and lives of the participants of the event.

  9. It is forbidden to Patrons of the event to enter the area behind the bar and the DJ console.

  10. The Club’s security staff shall have the right to view the contents of bags, backpacks and clothing in case of an allegation that such items as referred to in Clause 8 of the Rules and Regulations may be brought in or held/worn. In case of refusal to submit to the search mentioned above The Club reserves the right to refuse the entry to The Club and/or ask such persons to leave the event without the refund of the admission fee.

  11. Persons behaving aggressively or posing a direct threat to other guests of The Club, being intoxicated or under the influence of any drugs or controlled substances and who with their actions violate the rules of the Club, shall be asked to leave the premises without the reimbursement of the admission ticket.

  12. In the case of any physical damage caused in The Club, misconduct or inappropriate behavior, the security staff shall have the right to apprehend the perpetrator and immediately submit them to the police. It shall be the perpetrator or any person in charge of him/her who will be liable for any damage caused in The Club.

  13. Each participant of the event shall be required to:

  • notify the organizer, The Club’s employees, security and stewardship staff about any situations of threatened human life, health or property,

  • avoid panic and follow the instructions of the staff, proceed to marked emergency exits and do not hinder access to the emergency service.

  1. The Club shall not be liable and responsible for any force majeure events and shall not be obliged to refund the admission ticket or to make good any other claims related to the event being cancelled or interrupted due to a force majeure occurrence.

  2. The Club’ patrons may be exposed to prolonged sound and light intensity which may cause injury to hearing and sight. In case of a partial or permanent injury caused by the level of sound and light the event participants will not apply for any compensation as they participate in the event for their own account and risk.

  3. The Club’s patrons may be exposed to: slipping on a slippery floor, hitting the Club’s fittings and fixtures, falling down the stairs, platforms, mezzanine (balcony). In case of any partial or permanent injury caused by slipping, falling or hitting against any of the above mentioned elements, the patrons will not apply for any compensation as they participate in the event for their own account and risk.

  4. It shall be The Club event participant who shall bear full criminal and financial liability for any damage caused at The Club.

  5. The Club is an absolutely non-smoking operation.

  6. The Club reserves the right to cancel any event without any reason. In such a case patrons shall be entitled to a refund of purchased tickets. The cancellation of the event shall not entitle to any other claims.

  7. The staff shall have the right to refuse serving alcohol any person intoxicated or behaving aggressively.

  8. The Club’s closing time shall be determined as appropriate by the Management.

  9. The Club’s cloakroom is paid and mandatory. The Club shall not be responsible for any belongings and items left outside of the cloakroom.

  10. The Club shall not be responsible for any valuable items left in the cloakroom (documents, keys, wallets, phones, etc.)

  11. In case of loss of the cloakroom token you shall sign a special statement and pay a fee of PLN 20.00.

  12. Items left in the cloakroom and not collected on the day of the event shall be stored for up to 7 days.

  13. The event participant shall acknowledge and express their consent to the free use of their image/voice/speech recorded during a session in The Club, in any broadcasts created/broadcast/streamed by broadcasters as well as any promotional or advertising materials made by such entities.

  14. The free-of-charge consent (authorization) referred to above shall  involve repeated use of image/voice/speech in all areas of use.


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